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Operational Driver

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  1. Operational driver: Overview
    3 Lessons
  2. Lead operations
    9 Lessons
  3. Implement and integrate systems
    5 Lessons
  4. Optimise processes
    6 Lessons
  5. Embed finance across the company
    5 Lessons
  6. Capture data and create dashboards
    8 Lessons

Participants 7130

  • Patrick Eymann
  • Oleh Oleshko
  • Israel Jay Pelagio
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Operational Driver Skills Final Assessment

Well done for getting to the last stage of the Operational Driver course. There’s one more thing to do before we issue you with a certificate to celebrate your achievement. Just answer a few simple questions to demonstrate your new knowledge.

The pass mark is 70%. If you score less than this please review your answers and then restart the quiz.