Automate Month-End Close with AI-Driven Insights

Topic: Implement Affordable AI-Driven Tools to Automate Month-End Close

Are you ready to revolutionize your month-end financial close and harness the power of AI-driven insights? Join us for an exclusive workshop hosted by GrowCFO’s Founder Dan Wells, featuring technology expert Dan Stockdale and professional mentor Oli Deacon, formerly Finance Director at Microsoft.

In this workshop, we delve into the transformative technologies that are changing the game for finance professionals. Discover the incredible benefits of existing tools like Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI, and learn how to implement them for seamless automation. But that’s not all—we’ll also unveil the future of finance with upcoming technologies like Python for Excel and Co-Pilot, set to take your financial processes to new heights.

These cutting-edge technologies are accessible to all, regardless of budget or team size. They’re mostly free to implement and offer an affordable way for companies to adopt modern best practices. By automating time-consuming manual tasks, these tools save days of effort each month, produce richer insights, and empower your finance team to focus on strategic, value-enhancing tasks. You’ll reduce error rates, speed up your stakeholder reporting, and provide self-serve powerful visualizations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to future-proof your finance operations and elevate your team’s impact. Join us and embrace the future of finance automation!

You should watch this if you are:

  • Keen to further develop your career and futureproof your finance skills.
  • Would like to automate key activities within your month-end close process.
  • Need to train your finance team on best practice, process optimization and technology.

Automation Accelerator Training

Access market-leading training at an affordable price with our Special Bundle Offer that covers all four of these exciting tools: Automation Accelerator (

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Copilot with Excel Video

Here is Microsoft’s Copilot with Excel video that many finance leaders have requested:

Slide Deck

Click the following link to access the slides:

Automation Accelerator Slides – GrowCFO Workspace – Google Drive

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