Future CFO Course Materials

Future CFO Program Materials

Learning Plan

Document your quarterly progress against your GrowCFO learning plan for at least 12 months.


Access a comprehensive suite of dynamic simulators crafted to empower yourself at every stage of the business life cycle.

Future CFO On-Demand

Access 11 modules and complete the on-demand video version the Future CFO Program.

Competency Framework

Rank yourself against the 45 CFO skills within The GrowCFO Competency Framework.

CFO Competency Modules

Complete a selection of 45 online courses to address priority areas identified in your Competency Framework.

Competency Workshops

Access on-demand workshops led by
GrowCFO’s professional mentors to address
your biggest skills gaps.

Virtual Boardroom

Play the role of the CFO in a live boardroom discussion chaired by a professional mentor to navigate challenging real-life case studies. In addition to the life session you can access our online virtual board room course. 

Professional Mentoring (Optional Extra)

Benefit from six months of one-to-one professional mentoring from an experienced CFO with a minimum of ten years’ board level experience. This optional extra can be purchased separately. If interested, click before to find out more.