Global Finance Summit May 2024

Global Finance Summit May 2024

Embracing AI & Automation in Finance

Recording Library

With an incredible 10,000+ registrations across 12 sessions, the summit was a resounding success, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world.

Here are the 12 recordings that delve deep into the transformative potential of AI and automation in finance.

This session to explores Automation and AI in Finance, unveiling trends and challenges. Gain insights from the GrowCFO survey on how finance leaders leverage technology for efficiency, innovation, and value creation. Benchmark your tech infrastructure for future planning.

Watch our fireside chat with industry experts and CFOs on cutting-edge treasury tech. Discover benefits, hurdles, and best practices for leveraging tech in managing international businesses effectively. Empower your journey towards excellence.

In this session, CFO Joe Paget explores the role of APIs in Finance, enabling seamless data exchange between applications to automate workflows. Learn how APIs enhance data quality and analytics capabilities.

In the session, subject matter expert Christian Martinez demonstrated how Copilot AI could be applied to various Finance scenarios, including budgeting, forecasting, managing outcomes, business partnering, board reporting, and beyond.

Emma Chieppor delves into AI's data analysis in Excel, envisioning the future for analysts. Known for the Excel Dictionary brand, her tutorials aid millions on Instagram and TikTok.

Adam Shilton explores AI's impact on Finance, highlighting its transformative applications and latest developments. He discusses AI and Machine Learning's role in revolutionizing traditional finance practices.

Discover automation strategies & technologies for efficient financial reporting. Learn from experts like Dan Stockdale on implementing automation for month-end close processes. Explore AI tools like Power BI & ERP systems.

Strategies for impactful Finance Transformations, including process optimization and technology selection. Gain insights from industry leaders on executing game-changing transformations and sustaining benefits.

Paul Barnhurst and Catherine Marks discuss finance tools for FP&A, comparing features and benefits of automation and AI solutions like data integration and scenario planning. Learn to select and integrate tools effectively.

Expert panel discusses Finance and AI trends, offering insights and real-world examples of practical AI technologies. Gain recommendations for leveraging AI in finance effectively.

A workshop on managing the human side of tech change in finance with Catherine Clark and Vineta Bajaj. Learn to address impacts, enhance skills, and promote tech adoption effectively.

Nicolas Boucher discusses ChatGPT's applications in Finance, covering its capabilities and potential impact. Learn how ChatGPT can enhance customer service, compliance, and education in finance.

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