Future CFO – Introduction

Kevin Appleby · October 4, 2020

“Future CFO” is your GrowCFO community’s premium learning and development programme for the next generation of successful CFOs.  If you aspire to move up to a C-Suite role in the short-to-medium term, then this market-leading programme is the perfect choice for you.

In line with GrowCFO’s values, this programme has been independently designed by your most trusted and relevant community of finance leaders in order to maximise its impact on your career.  This includes significant contributions from leading CFOs, CEOs, Chairs, NEDs, Recruiters, Advisors, Investors and other C-Suite members.

During this programme, you will develop from a senior finance professional into an impactful CFO.  This journey is a tough one, however we have broken it down into nine key stages across three main themes to ensure that you are fully equipped to successfully navigate it.

You will learn all about the main responsibilities that fall to the CFO and the key skills that you require to effectively deliver them.  You will put your new skills into action during challenging virtual scenarios to prepare you for encountering them within your future career.

You will consider the CFO role from the viewpoint of other key stakeholders and you will understand what each of them expect from you as an impactful finance leader.  We also provide you with insights into the way the role is evolving and the skills that you will need, not just today, but also to meet tomorrow’s challenge.

All this comes together in self-assessments that form the basis of your development plan.  These will prepare you to step up into your dream role.  Enjoy your career-defining course and remember to give it your all!

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