Future CFO 04 – Build Your Own Brand

Kevin Appleby · October 3, 2020

Welcome to module four of your “Future CFO” training programme, which is the first module within the “C-Suite” section of this programme. During the “C-Suite” section, you will develop from being one of the crowd into a trusted board member by building your own brand, growing your own network and engaging with the top table. Module four is designed to help you build your own brand in order to take you through the journey from being one of the crowd to becoming a stand out CFO candidate.   During this module, participants will:

  1. Develop your profile;
  2. Improve your personal brand; and
  3. Stand out from the crowd.


By the end of this module, you will have developed a plan for building your strong personal brand and will be well-placed to start growing your network within module five of this training.

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