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Fundraising Simulator

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Topic 7, Lesson 2
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⇧ Select your preferred offer

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Your Board of directors have selected Offer A and do not wish to proceed any further with the other potential investors. You now need to inform each party of your company’s decision.

⇧ Action required

Write an email to Investor A to inform them that you are keen to proceed. Upload your email below.

Include an outline of your desired timetable for each stage of the deal process. Here are some of the items that you may wish to include:

  • Contact information for key individuals and advisors
  • Signing of all contracts and NDAs
  • Due diligence process
  • Provision of data room documents
  • Q&A time slots
  • Draft legal agreements
  • Document review process
  • Company trading update
  • Signing of final documents
  • Fundraising deal announcement

Now is also the time to start allocating responsibilities to your management team, forming your deal team and determining how you will free up sufficient time for you to focus on the deal…!