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Fundraising Simulator

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  • Patrick Eymann
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Main learning points

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Well done for completing everything within this fundraising simulator.

During the remainder of this simulator, we will share insights from investors and finance leaders who have successful led real-life fundraises.

Before we do this, let’s take a few moments to reflect upon some of your key learning points:

  1. The key stages of a typical fundraising process;
  2. Which advisors you may wish to appoint to help you;
  3. The types of jargon that you may encounter during a fundraising process;
  4. How to present your elevator pitch to third parties;
  5. What to include in an investor pitch document;
  6. How to create a term sheet for your offers received;
  7. Typical information requests during a due diligence process;
  8. The range of deal terms that you may be able to negotiate;
  9. Common clauses that may exist within your legal documents; and
  10. What to do once you have closed the deal.

Action required!

Take a few moments to reflect upon your own biggest learning points and whether you now feel ready to lead a real-life fundraising opportunity.