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Significant fundraise – A CFO’s insights

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During this video, experienced finance leader and deal specialist Nick Ellwood shares top tips regarding a Series B fundraise.

Note that most of these points apply to all fundraises throughout your life cycle.

Finance leaders should perform the following activities to help maximise your chances of delivering a smooth deal process:

  • Start planning 12 months in advance of an anticipated deal;
  • It will take at least 3-6 months to properly prepare;
  • Ensure that your team can cover business as usual;
  • Control the flow of information in order to control the deal process;
  • Provide high quality information throughout;
  • Build a flexible financial model which can survive rapid interrogation;
  • Involve the most experienced stakeholders within your business;
  • Prepare thorough analysis to show that you are in control;
  • Manage expectations for anything that is not currently available;
  • Ensure that your information fully supports your investment story;
  • Check that your budgets are achievable to avoid any shortfalls during a live process; and
  • Create a detailed plan for how to layout and populate your data room.

In summary, early planning can make a huge impact on your deal process and it is important to surround yourself with people who have relevant experience wherever possible.