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Managing your CEO relationship

Dan Wells October 11, 2023
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Your CEO relationship is one of the most important that you will have within your role and it is vital that you manage this effectively.  It is vital towards allowing you to add value within your role and to become one of their most trusted Strategic Business Partners, providing them with value-added insights and acting as a sounding board when making decision.

During this video, experienced CFO Jade de-Crescenzo shares top tips regarding how to build and preserve a strong relationship with your CEO:

Here are some top tips for managing your CEO relationship:

  1. Take time up-front to properly understand your CFO and to determine their preferred ways to communicate and to receive information;
  2. Adapt your communication style accordingly and understand what level of detail they require under different scenarios;
  3. Identify their personality traits – not just under normal circumstances, but also when they are performing under pressure;
  4. Create awareness of your complementary skills and see how you can balance one another out to fill in any gaps in one another; and
  5. Don’t be afraid to challenge your CEO when appropriate – they will respect you for it in the long-run and they will benefit from your unique financial perspective.

No matter how good your relationship is with your CEO, it is important to receive regular feedback.  Be open and honest at all times to preserve your fantastic relationship!