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  1. Module 1: Embed finance across the company
    5 Lessons
  2. Module 2: Identify profit and cash initiatives
    7 Lessons
  3. Module 3: Oversee and drive business change
    13 Lessons
  4. Module 4: Deliver data-driven strategic insights
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  5. Module 5: Challenge your Board and influence strategy
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  6. Module 6: Drive key decision-making
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  7. Module 7: Represent your business externally
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  8. Module 8: Become a critical and influential voice
    5 Lessons
  9. Module 9: Deliver the business plan
    7 Lessons
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Module 9: Deliver the business plan

Dan Wells October 10, 2023

Today’s CFO acts as the co-pilot to your CEO throughout your company’s journey. As a critical business leader, the CFO enables the vision and has become the go-to person for all key queries. By keeping people informed of key business matters, you provide the link between the business activities and your financial performance, shaping your role in delivering the business plan.

The CFO champions strategic initiatives and sets the right tone from the top. This requires you to co-present business updates alongside your CEO in a joined up manner by communicating effectively through consistent messaging. You monitor ongoing performance by capturing and reporting relevant data. You anticipate shortfalls and manage outcomes by identifying solutions on a timely basis.

To achieve this, you need to build a strong working relationship with your CEO, complement one another’s skill sets and anticipate one another’s reactions. You should work together to create a unified leadership team and set the same tone from the top. This allows you to become a vital board member and an influential voice amongst the executives.

During this module, we discuss how modern-day CFOs act as the co-pilot to their CEO by becoming the go-to person in your company and behaving in a joined up manner. We help you to build an excellent relationship with your CEO, unify your leadership team and deliver your company’s business plan.