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  1. Module 1: Embed finance across the company
    5 Lessons
  2. Module 2: Identify profit and cash initiatives
    7 Lessons
  3. Module 3: Oversee and drive business change
    13 Lessons
  4. Module 4: Deliver data-driven strategic insights
    6 Lessons
  5. Module 5: Challenge your Board and influence strategy
    9 Lessons
  6. Module 6: Drive key decision-making
    11 Lessons
  7. Module 7: Represent your business externally
    6 Lessons
  8. Module 8: Become a critical and influential voice
    5 Lessons
  9. Module 9: Deliver the business plan
    7 Lessons

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Module 8: Become a critical and influential voice

Becoming a critical and influential voice in your company requires you to establish yourself at board level and influence other people. Being a vital board member is not about being the most knowledgeable person in the room, it’s about being able to provide critical oversight and guidance to an organization throughout its journey.

It’s about being able to ensure that your organization is run effectively and efficiently, and that it meets its goals. You must work with other members of your executive team to develop and implement strategies for improving your company’s performance. This requires you to challenge your CEO and Board when appropriate, whilst dealing with tricky board members.

Some Board members have pre-conceived ideas about finance leaders, and you might need to work hard to change these. This starts by showing a strong interest in what everybody is doing and building knowledge of everybody’s activities. You need to understand matters from other people’s perspective so that they listen to you as the business partner, rather than just their accountant.

During this module, we define what it means to become a critical voice in your company and share practical techniques to help you establish yourself at board level and develop into a vital board member. We help you to properly understand everybody’s activities, challenge the board when appropriate and deal with tricky board members.