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  1. Module 1: Embed finance across the company
    5 Lessons
  2. Module 2: Identify profit and cash initiatives
    7 Lessons
  3. Module 3: Oversee and drive business change
    13 Lessons
  4. Module 4: Deliver data-driven strategic insights
    6 Lessons
  5. Module 5: Challenge your Board and influence strategy
    9 Lessons
  6. Module 6: Drive key decision-making
    11 Lessons
  7. Module 7: Represent your business externally
    6 Lessons
  8. Module 8: Become a critical and influential voice
    5 Lessons
  9. Module 9: Deliver the business plan
    7 Lessons
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The finance leader is an important representative of your business and plays a key role in representing your business externally.

The CFO is typically a member of the Board of Directors and you therefore need to act as a business leader. This inevitably brings increased exposure towards the outside world.

Business meeting

There are many examples of ways in which a CFO will interact with external parties, including the following:

  1. Providing regular updates to shareholders on business performance;
  2. Showcasing your company’s results to market analysts;
  3. Presenting the investment story and financial performance to potential investors;
  4. Negotiating key trading terms with suppliers;
  5. Chasing customers for significant unpaid debts;
  6. Reporting compliance with industry regulators;
  7. Giving interviews with public relations specialists;
  8. Attending conferences organised by industry trade groups;
  9. Presenting at an industry webinar event; and
  10. Featuring in company videos that are posted online.

It is essential that you represent your business externally in an appropriate manner.  As a business representative, you play a key role towards building your company’s brand and preserving your reputation.

You need to act in a calm and composed manner that generates people’s trust in your role and confidence in your company’s ability to deliver your objectives.

This requires many skills including gravitas, charisma and confidence.  It requires excellent communication and relationship-building skills, along with an ability to remain calm under pressure.

Assess your skills

Have you ever represented your business externally?

What impression did you create towards your organization?

Are you able to effectively generate people’s trust in your role and confidence in your company?

How could you contribute more externally?

Which skills do you need to improve to become an effective external representative?