Catalyst for Change

Dan Wells · February 3, 2021

The role of the CFO is constantly evolving as businesses strive to stay ahead of the competition. As a CFO, you have a unique opportunity to act as a catalyst for change and drive change initiatives throughout your organization. You can help promote innovation and creativity, while also ensuring that the financial health of the company remains strong.

To accomplish this, you must not only identify opportunities for change, but also implement those changes successfully. This requires you to understand people’s typical emotional reactions during each journey of a change project and how to properly obtain their buy-in throughout. You will need to create a sense of urgency, form a strategic vision and enlist a volunteer army to remove barriers, generate short-term wins and embed the changes.

During this course, we explore what it means to be a catalyst for change and discuss how the CFO can use this role to improve your organization’s performance. We will also look at ways to overcome resistance to change and create a culture of innovation within your business.

We cover each of the eight principles from John P Kotter’s book: Leading Change; and provide methodologies to encourage innovation throughout each department. This course discusses how to deliver a finance transformation, implement an ERP system, and embed a new accounting system. We also detail how to restructure your business operations and popular methodologies for measuring the effectiveness of change.

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